Favorite Stories

The Demon Cat by Sean Buvala The Demon Cat by Sean Buvala

“This isn’t kiddie stuff” ~ seantells.com Ok, so even though our humble endeavor is brand new, this is theater of the mind and as such I’m not keen on staging and props. Having the piano accompaniment, sign language interpreter and some plants on the stage though is very cool. I love that it welcomes hearing impaired. That’s very... [Read more of this review]

Fairbanks Flats Fairbanks Flats

The story of Beloit’s Fairbanks Flats, it’s history and recent renovation. It’s an amazing and compelling story. Hopefully we can find someone willing to tell this story. Stay tuned. Working on it.  Read More →

Some favorite storytellers – Who am I missing? Some favorite storytellers – Who am I missing?

This is just the short list of some of my personal favorites. I’d been listening to my folk’s Bill Cosby albums since I was a child. When he actually came to our High School while I was still a student there it was a big deal. My folks let me attend the later performance which I understood to be the less G-rated of the two. Very funny. I’ll... [Read more of this review]

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