About Stateline Storytelling

Stateline Storytelling hopes to provide an ongoing venue and an appreciative audience for artisans and craftspeople who’s artistic expression takes the form of storytelling.

Likewise, the enjoyment of a good story, told well is among the most universal of human experiences. It spans cultures, religions, politics and generations. Stateline Storytelling hopes to attract and encourage storytellers from all walks to join us that we may enjoy their craft, their humor and their wisdom.

Storytelling should not be cast wholly as a ‘folk’ art. Neither is it simply for children. Storytelling belongs also to adult, contemporary, inner city, urban, suburban and increasingly online societies; and those living within them. Everyone has a story.

The sharing of stories as we hope to showcase while practiced and perhaps even scripted is none the less told, in person, live and without notes. It is distinctly other then reading written works, speech making, or stand-up comedy… which is not to say there is any shortage of humor.


Dates & Locations:

We meet on the first Sunday of the Month. The location will vary from warm months to cold months so check the website or subscribe to the eNewsletter for location. Warm months we’ll be outside with an indoor alternate in case of rain.


Evening’s Format:

The evenings format is open mic with a Featured Guest Storyteller (FGS) who serves as both MC as well as closes the evening with a story of their own.

  • There are a limited number of open mic slots.
  • Sign-up to tell begins at 6:00 pm
  • Storytelling begins at 6:30 pm
  • Story length limited to 8 min.
  • Names drawn at random
  • Notes not allowed

A $5 donation and bushel & peck’s patronage is appreciated.

The FGS will select the evening’s theme in advance. This theme will be presented on this website as well as broadcast vie eNewsletter to subscribers also in advance. Those wishing to participate by contributing a story are encouraged to follow the evening’s theme though it is not a requirement.

So, whether you’re a story teller yourself or simply enjoy those who are, we’d invite you to come. Join us.

Bring your story, if you’re willing to share it.


rick (at) statelinestorytelling.com