Fairbanks Flats

March 27, 2009 by  
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The story of Beloit’s Fairbanks Flats, it’s history and recent renovation.

It’s an amazing and compelling story. Hopefully we can find someone willing to tell this story.

Stay tuned. Working on it.

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One Response to “Fairbanks Flats”

  1. Fred Johnson on March 10th, 2010 8:52 am

    Jeanne Carey is familiar with the Flats and the families who first moved in there. She has many stories to tell including how the workers had to cross the frozen river in the winter to get to work because the Henry Ave. bridge wasn’t built yet. This meant that, in the summer, they had to walk down to other bridge (a considerable ways) to get to work – let me know if you are interested in contacting her. Thanks.